Marjan Fahimi (Teheran, 1982), Iranian artist, lives and works in Rome since 2004. After her studies in Italian Literature at the University of Tehran, she attended a course in painting at the Hossein Maher and Maryam Mahin’s atelier. Then she moved to Rome where she started studying Architecture and received her bachelor’s degree in Urban Design.

She is inspired by nature, which becomes the protagonist in her artworks dedicated to the sky with flashes of serene marked by cirrus clouds moved and capricious, creating poetic landscapes that highlight the power of the main atmospheric phenomena.

Her experimental technique is based on the application of several layers of color and a partial removal of it through a washing with iron sponge and other tools that help to create a scratched surface with different oil colors overlaps. Cuts and architectural elements are part of her most recent production on wooden supports.