Sabine Pagliarulo is a Franco-Italian artist, who has always been fascinated by the visual arts and all its applications. After graduating in law, she decided to work exclusively as a sculptor and more specifically with ceramics. Devoting herself heart and soul to her work, nothing is left to chance. The outcome is without doubt fresh, light and powerful. Her materials are ennobled by a wholly personal technique and the determination with which Sabine intervenes on the surface. Her importance lies not in respect for the rules, but in her intuition, skills and innate elegance.

Sabine feeds off nature. From it she draws purity, sobriety and simplicity that, combined with her French origins, inspire an aesthetic métissage that awakens the spirit, prompting it to find harmony and balance in a universe full of poetry and emotions where every piece is unique.

Collective Exhibitions

  • 2016 In The Heart – Tra arte & design – Museo Casina delle Civette, Villa Torlonia, Rome (Italy)
  • 2015 Concours International de Ceramique Carouge 2015. La Lampe Céramique – Musée de Carouge (France)
  • 2015 A' Fleur de Terre – Sculture en plein air – Orto Botanico, Rome (Italy)
  • 2015 Unisono – Arte Natura Design a Villa Borghese – Pietro Canonica, Rome (Italy)
  • 2015 The permanent – Alliages Art Gallery, Lille (France)
  • 2014 The Parallel Worlds – Alliages Art Gallery, Lille (France)
  • 2014 BACC – Biennale d’Arte Ceramica Contemporanea – Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati (Italy)
  • 2014 Biennale Keramikos – Rassegna d’arte ceramica contemporanea – Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Tuscania (Italy)
  • 2014 Ceramica in fiore – Museo Civico di Tolfa (Italy)
  • 2014 Pas de Deux – Galleria ll Laboratorio, Rome (Italy)
  • 2013 Hortus Conclusus – Galleria Berner, Turku (Finland)
  • 2013 Out of this World – Galleria Il Laboratorio, Rome (Italy)
  • 2012 Biennale Keramikos – Rassegna d’arte ceramica contemporanea – Chiostro degli Agostiniani, Museo Civico di Bracciano (Italy)
  • 2012 Esprit wabi – Spazioespanso, Rome (Italy)
  • 2012 Le coordinate della ceramica – Associazione Keramos, Rome (Italy)
  • 2012 Collettiva 02 – Point Gallery, Rome (Italy)
  • 2011 In a secret garden – Orto Botanico di Roma (Italy)