Artughet, the association of the Art Galleries of the Roman Ghetto (Valentina Bonomo, Anna Marra, Pio Monti, Edieuropa and Honos Art) promotes “Designer Special Project”, an exhibition project at the eighteenth edition, which combines works already exhibited with design creations, offering a few variations on the theme of the indissoluble connection between arts and crafts, author and product, function and aesthetics. The event, which will open Wednesday, April 12, insists on these shades of meaning, because the objects belonging to the two areas not only share the same spaces but also try a third complementary way.
Honos Art during the exhibition by Carlo D’Orta, host  Skeleton and  Anthropomorfa, two armchairs by Roberto Fallani. At Edieuropa, the exhibition of Guido Strazza and Gianluca Murasecchi will be illuminated by the eco-friendly and zero consumption of Geo Florenti installations which, from June 2017, will also be exhibited at the MoMa. At Pio Monti, however, plays on language, because “Animalia”, a collective that proposes historical pieces, among others, Gino De Dominicis, Enzo Cucchi, Vettor Pisani, all centered on the theme of otherness in the eyes of artists and animals will be enhanced by Sardina chair designed by Anna Butticci and from his other interventions inspired by the shapes of fish, horses and eagles. the  Valentina Bonomo Gallery presents Project T, by Hilario Isola, during the exhibition of Irene Kung, while Anna Marra Contemporary, the works of Claudia Peill will dialogue with the pieces of interior design signed by Hell & Sauve.

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