The off-site exhibitions’ season of the Honos Art gallery continues: on Friday, July 28th Stefano Mirabella’s photography will be the protagonist at the ImagOrbetello Festival. An unprecedented synergy aimed at the promotion of contemporary art highlights the street photography, main character of the previous exhibition Il Cielo in una stanza, which can be visited until August 24th at the Sala Imago of Palazzo del Popolo (Orbetello).


Street photographer Stefano Mirabella, as agent and observer, crystallizes fragments of everyday life in his images. Through them he establishes, he says, “a curious interaction, a complicity”.  Walking through the world of his native city Rome, the artist captures in a very personal way the beauty of a moment which “would be destroyed by the habits of the unseeing eye of the observer”. Among the exhibition’s images are scenes of an intense, frenetic Rome in black and white, with the artists’ subjects occupied in the same old routine of the streets of the capital. In addition to the black and white snapshots, another nine in color have been added where the subjects, suspended in a time of waiting, are floating in a blue vastness under the gaze of everyone, transforming the wonderful theatre of the routine into a beautifully realized and passionate synthesis of an unexpected reality.


Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6:00- 8:00 pm | 9:00-23:00 pm

Sala IMAGO, Palazzo di Piazza del Popolo, Orbetello (GR).

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