On Saturday, January 28, 6.30 pm, Honos Art gallery presents “Everything is allowed to the one who brings light”, Andrea Pinchi’s solo show curated by Gianluca Marziani.

The Umbrian artist shows a series of recent works of different formats. They were created in the ascetic silences and baroque ascents of his studio in Rome, a few steps away from the gallery. These insights are narrated through the use of leathers, papers, tin sheets, rubber-stamps, old cardboards and discontinued carbon papers. Pinchi is presenting strict geometries, sharp and contrasting colors capable of including moral themes and philosophical dilemmas with an amazing outcome, an absolute value weaving patience and knowledge, man and talent, memory and future.

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The use of old and worn materials, metabolised through the ages, is sewn by following patterns, colours and materials according to a mysterious cosmogony which confront itself with the passions, the encounters and the empathy of the artist. Following the narrative character of a language of signs, silent by nature but connected to the philosophical ritual, it is felt, behind the form, an ideal beat of an iconographic heart. Rarely does a work emanate the aura of a heartbeat, because it needs a narrative fluidity binding the material in a progeny of open contents. Here, again without any accident, the ideal heart is turned into a stylized and shield shaped one. The geometry developed by Pinchi in his last works is pure and noble, in which the aura of the colour turns into pure energy, a hint of astrophysics and metaphorical presence. The smaller hearts in the picture seem motionless but, at the same time, they look like switched on wings already flying in their figurative act. These are hovering over the white colour and confirming Pinchi's source code, his metaphysical generator, the cosmic fluctuation, and the still living dialogue.

Contact the Gallery to receive more informations on the works exhibited in the exhibition at info@honosart.com

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