Honos Art presents Tras una mirada, a solo exhibition of the Spanish Antonio de Diego Arias, curated by Fernando Barrionuevo and Rosa Muñoz.

To get closer to the world of Antonio de Diego, it’s necessary to understand the essence of his painting, characterized by a linear deciphering of the constant and vital codes that time hide from people, contexts and nature. Without never contradicting the complex symbols contained in each one of his works, the artist uses an objective metalanguage that goes beyond the pure aesthetic expression.

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The exhibition shows a wide and dynamic time period, allowing visitors to know the different artistic stages, creative processes and territories imagined and recreated by the artist: from the research on time with solid floating cells or pricked thorns to the messages that he creates like a typesetter, through the encapsulation of these elements in supports that can be easily opened. The balanced harmonies that flow into his paintings are completely free from the corporeal concept to approach, by using our minds rather than the technique, the thin line of the horizons endowed by the artist with endless possibilities. The leading line of his work is therefore based on the disquieting and personal research of each temporal substrate. Emotional, historical and landscape alterations, transformed though their overlapping, create a symbolism that unsettles and disquiets the beholder who should think about how time changes their life and how fantasies are carried away by those intensities.

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