The Gallery Honos Art, Rome, is pleased to present “RI/TRATTI. Interconnections among paintings. Fragments for a gesamtkunstwerk”. Bruno Aller’ solo show curated by Daniela Fonti. Opening on Saturday 22 October at 6:30 pm.

The subtitle, both ambitious and revealing, of Bruno Aller’ solo show, “Fragments of painting for a Gesamtkunstwerk” alludes to the total artwork in which poetry, music, philosophy and painting converge; when the term was first theorized by Wagner it spread like a virus in the European art world at the turn of the 20th century. At the time it represented an impossible dream, the restoration of an harmony between the mankind and the world. Nowadays, in an age that seems to deny to painting the right to survive, it is a faraway mirage. The total artwork, that Aller reveals with his work, is for the artist the tautological and totalizing dimension of painting. What at that time was thought as being universal it can not be now anything but a tiny fragment of an individual experience.

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"The tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire"; it is a phrase of the beloved Mahler that Aller often loves to mention. If, for the artist, the tradition is the one of the great geometric abstraction of the 20th century (think of the Balla's "velocità d'automobile", with those big monochromatic waves), there is no doubt that the continuously re-actualized memory has become food and impetus for an ongoing dialogue with the present. The origin of Ri-Tratti is not a conceptual impulse, a "game", nodding to historical avant-garde (from Apollinaire to Breton and Masson) up to its "accomplices" "visual" poets, that creates the compositional structure from the literal name sequence. I would say that it is a complex mechanism of concealed resonances and analogical grafts that may find its origin in a written page, a rediscovered verse, an emotion or just an echo of a remote affinity.

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