On Friday 28 July 2017 at 7 PM, Rome’s Honos Art gallery presents, in collaboration with ImagOrbetello Festival, the  exhibition “Il cielo in una stanza” by the photographer Stefano Mirabella, curated by Giuseppe Prode.

Thirty photographs make up Il cielo in una stanza by Stefano Mirabella, a key point in his professional journey: street photography. This selection represents the state of the art of a journey begun in 2012 and now at a mature point in the activity of the photographer, who relates and reveals the facets of a Rome that is visible, apparently, to all. A barely sketched city, revealed through unwanted details in a light-hearted account made up of glances, close-up encounters, everyday life. The sure touch and the complicity of some situations give these photographs their power and invite viewers to try an everyday stylistic exercise, in other words to train their eye to the obvious and attempt to go beyond it. In addition to this first black and white selection, small integrations have been added with “something else”: color. 9 snapshots, paradoxically monochrome, which means light blue above everything and then small signs which give us, as a present, a suspended time and an amusing waiting.

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An unified association, which follows the thought of Carlo Scarpa “I wanted to cut the blue of the sky”, and this reflation lead us to the topic of Stefano’s photographs: we watch in full colors, we live in color, because actually the black and white was a publishing solution of few years ago, today is  a way as any to express oneself, but we are permeated of a reality which is polychrome. Two stripes in the sky, the punctuation with “three red” and other circumstances, are the result of waiting, patience and will to communicate with levity. Through these pictures Stefano Mirabella demonstrates to be a rightful member of that noble list of photographers who have made street photography the foundation and manner of their approach.

Contact the Gallery to receive more informations on the works exhibited in the exhibition at info@honosart.com