On Thursday 21 April 2016, at 7:00 pm, the Honos Art gallery presents “Akragas”, the first joint solo exhibition by the painter Luis Serrano and the photographer Alessandro Crapanzano, curated by Sandra Pinto.

The complementarity of the exhibition arises from the synchronization, as a “couple”, of painting and photography:  a new form of art, an encounter between pastels, charcoals and oils, liquid and paste-like materials that offer the potential to prolong and consolidate an overly rapid and fleeting view of reality, preserving a sensory experience of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

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From the perspective of different techniques and personal experiences, the two artists come together to tackle a shared figurative theme. Dreamlike images of Sicily’s Mediterranean vegetation and ancient ruins of arcosolia stand out separately beneath the glare of an advancing summer or a sombre nocturnal light. The works on display in the exhibition form a sort of cinematographic travelling shot through the Valley of the Temples, capturing the slow descent from the colonnade of the Temple of Hera to the telamons stretched out on the plain and the olive groves plunged into the darkness of the first hour of the night, walking along a primordial ridge reminiscent of a tale of ancient geometric forms and shadows closely connected to the past with which they are intimately connected.

Contact the Gallery to receive more informations on the works exhibited in the exhibition at info@honosart.com