On Saturday 3 December at 6:30 pm the Honos Art Gallery is happy to present its first group exhibition entitled Honos presents Honos, curated by Juan Carlos García Alía.

The exhibition will present works by artists tied to the gallery including Marina Bindella, Carlo D’Orta, Marisa Facchinetti, Marjan Fahimi, Guido Pecci, Alberto Torres Hernández, Sabine Pagliarulo and Barbara Vistarini, together with others who are a part of the Honos Art collection: Renzo Bellanca, Silvia Celeste Calcagno, Michele Cossyro, Carlos Criado, Jesús Herrera Martínez and Nacho Zubelzu.

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This decision inspired the title of the exhibition: Honos presents Honos. An exhibition is essentially the expression of an individual or collective project, a way of seeing the world, a discourse on history, a critical interpretation of contemporary life. Our proposal starts from fourteen artists of considerable importance and recognized mastery, including several who work in contemporary artistic ceramics, led by three great European artists - Michele Cossyro, Sabine Pagliarulo and Silvia Celeste Calcagno - different from one another but united by their passion for this archaic yet highly contemporary means of artistic expression. Honos presents Honos is not a thematic group exhibition centred around a single form of artistic expression but a journey around the sensations, the affinities and the artistic contiguities of our Gallery. The contemporary art world is vast, almost boundless; through this group exhibition Honos Art aims to select and spotlight the developments that it considers worthy of interest, representative of artistic research and validity and at the same time a potential bearer of formal and plastic novelties. Always on the lookout for artists capable of profundity, understood not merely as a spatial relationship between visible objects but as the ultimate and usually hidden dimension of the visible, in this exhibition Honos Art presents art works that represent proof of the desire for profundity and the incessant quest for inner expression, often the outcome of linguistic contaminations. In this brief survey we have chosen an exhibition layout that attempts to draw attention to highly skilled “contemporary artisans” inspired by some predominant poetics such as abstraction, that may be material (Renzo Bellanca), minimalist (Marisa Facchinetti), poetic (Marjan Fahimi), layerings (Guido Pecci), using signs and traces (Marina Bindella), perspectival (Carlo D’Orta), sequential (Nacho Zubelzu), installational (Barbara Vistarini and Pecci himself), without neglecting various interpretations of figurative art (Alberto Torres Hernández, Carlos Criado and Jesús Herrera Martínez).

Contact the Gallery to receive more informations on the works exhibited in the exhibition at info@honosart.com