On Tuesday 14 June 2016 at 7.00 pm, Rome’s Honos Art gallery presents “Il cielo in una stanza”, the solo exhibition by the photographer Stefano Mirabella, curated by Giuseppe Prode.

Twenty photographs make up Il cielo in una stanza by Stefano Mirabella, a key point in his professional journey: street photography. This selection represents the state of the art of a journey begun in 2012 and now at a mature point in the activity of the photographer, who relates and reveals the facets of a Rome that is visible, apparently, to all.

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Waiting, the ability to imagine the right frame, choosing the right time to act have as their goal the representation of a narrative moment. The street is an extraordinary training ground that suggests and teases out stories, and where the boundary between the didactic and its opposite is virtually impalpable. In these photographs, Stefano Mirabella shows us that he is a rightful member of that noble list of photographers who have made street photography the foundation and manner of their approach.

Contact the Gallery to receive more informations on the works exhibited in the exhibition at info@honosart.com