Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 6.00 pm at theLadislao’s Castel (Umberto Mastroianni Foundation), which host the richest and most representative legacy of one of the most eclectic and talented sculptors of the XX Century and the memory of a family of artists, the Mastroianni’s, opens to the public Renzo Bellanca. Urban Skin.

The exhibition curated by Loredana Rea, artistic director of the Foundation, is a collaboration between the Honos Art Gallery of Rome and Arpino institution, with the intention of giving life to an unprecedented synergy in the promotion of contemporary research.

Urban Skin, is the realization of a philosophy of operation, which sees the Roman gallery time to try different exhibition spaces and the museum Arpino committed to choosing partners for the production of cultural projects of high thickness.

The exhibition, open to the public until July 2, presents a series of recent works by Renzo Bellanca, of great charm and a strong visual impact, contaminating languages ​​and different experiences for nature and formal results. Through calibrated stratification of signs and images, the artist, Sicilian origin, but Roman by adoption, turns places of geography in imagined spaces, lived in an exclusively inner dimension, which are composed and recomposed fragment by fragment.

Large canvas stand next to small works to suggest, like pieces of a puzzle, the articulation of a trip: momentary landings, departures and arrivals, tell stories of paths to read like ancient maps for new itineraries. There are maps, played on a fine calibration of the pictorial material, woven from cloudiness or aerial views, suggesting the need of wandering, the metaphor of daily contamination between the sites and experiences related to them.

The project, built on the centrality of a fine painting and thin, literally took possession of the museum: starting from the great room used for temporary exhibitions, in fact, has invaded the spaces of the permanent collection, to create constant references to the works of Umberto Mastroianni draw maps of a visual journey that can fascinate.

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